Creating a list of passwords for archives

The program does not scan password-protected archives. You can create a list of the most frequently encountered passwords for archives that are used when exchanging files within your organization. If you do so, the program will try the passwords from the list when scanning an archive. If one of the passwords match, the archive will be unlocked and scanned.

The list of passwords defined in the program settings is also transmitted to the server with the Sandbox component.

To create a list of passwords for archives:

  1. In the window of the program web interface, select the Settings section, Passwords to archives subsection.
  2. In the Passwords to archives field, enter the passwords that the program will use for password-protected archives.

    Enter each password on a new line. You can enter up to 50 passwords.

  3. Click Apply.

The list of passwords for archives will be created. When scanning PDF files and files of Microsoft Word, Excel®, and PowerPoint® that are password protected, the program will use the passwords from the defined list.

Users with the Security auditor role can view the list of passwords for archives, but cannot edit it.

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