Viewing the list of TAA (IOA) rules added to exclusions

To view the list of TAA (IOA) rules added to exclusions:

In the main window of the program web interface, select the Settings section, Exclusions subsection, TAA exclusions.

The table of excluded TAA (IOA) rules is displayed. You can filter the rules by clicking links in column headers.

The table contains the following information:

  1. Apt_icon_Importance_new—Importance level that is assigned to an alert generated using this TAA (IOA) rule.

    The importance level can have one of the following values:

    • Apt_icon_importance_low – Low.
    • Apt_icon_importance_medium – Medium.
    • Apt_icon_importance_high – High.
  2. Type is the type of the rule depending on the role of the server which generated it in distributed solution mode:
    • Global – the rule was created on the PCN server.
    • Local – the rule was created on an SCN server.
  3. Confidence – level of confidence depending on the likelihood of false alarms caused by the rule:
    • High.
    • Medium.
    • Low.

    The higher the confidence, the lower the likelihood of false alarms.

  4. Name is the name of the rule.

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