Updating Kaspersky Endpoint Agent from the previous version

If Kaspersky Endpoint Agent 3.10 is installed on a device with a previous version of Kaspersky Endpoint Agent, all the data that can be migrated is saved and used during Kaspersky Endpoint Agent 3.10 installation, and the previous version of the application is automatically uninstalled.

Only Kaspersky Endpoint Agent versions 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9 can be updated to Kaspersky Endpoint Agent version 3.10. Update is possible for the previous application versions installed either as part of the Endpoint Protection Platform application, or separately.

If Endpoint Sensor version 3.6.X is installed and used on the device as part of Kaspersky Endpoint Security, Endpoint Sensor must be disabled before installing Kaspersky Endpoint Agent in order to avoid possible conflicts between the applications.

When updating a previous version of Kaspersky Endpoint Agent, protected by the password, you must pass this password to the installer by one of the following ways:

When updating Kaspersky Endpoint Agent as part of EPP, you can pass the password as the value of the UNLOCK_PASSWORD key in the install_props.json configuration file.

The application password passed through the install_props.json configuration file is stored in the file in non-encrypted form. To reduce the probability of unauthorized access to this data, it is recommended to restrict access to the install_props.json file and delete it from the device after installing or updating the application.

When installing Kaspersky Endpoint Agent by updating it from the previous version, if the version being updated was activated earlier, the new application version is automatically activated by the license key used for the application version being updated. The license term remains unchanged. When updating the application with an expired license, the new application version works in limited functionality mode after installation.

Only when being updated from Kaspersky Endpoint Agent 3.7, the application can be activated during update. The key file can be passed using one of the specified methods.

Starting from version 3.10, Kaspersky Managed Protection (also referred to as KMP) usage cannot be configured by means of Kaspersky Endpoint Agent. If usage of the KMP service was enabled in the previous Kaspersky Endpoint Agent version, the KMP service continues functioning after the application is updated to version 3.10. After the application update, you can disable the KMP service only using Kaspersky Endpoint Agent Administration Plug-in or Kaspersky Endpoint Agent Web Plug-in of versions earlier then 3.10.

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