Configuring request throttling settings

The request throttling feature allows restricting the flow of events with low importance from Kaspersky Endpoint Agent to the Central Node component.

To configure the request throttling settings:

  1. Open the policy properties window.
  2. In the KATA integration section select General settings.

    The General settings window opens.

  3. In the Throttling settings group of settings, you can perform the following actions:
    • Select or clear the Enable throttling check box to enable or disable the feature.

      This feature is enabled by default.

    • Specify the value in the Maximum events per hour field.

      The application analyzes telemetry data flow and restricts transmission of events with low importance if the number of transmitted events tends to exceed the value specified in this field. The default value is 3000 events per hour.

    • Specify the value in the Percentage of exceeding the events limit field.

      If the flow of events of the same type with low importance exceeds the threshold value specified in this field as a percentage of the total number of events, transmission of events of this type is restricted. You can specify a value from 5% to 100%. The default value is 15%.

  4. In the upper right corner of the settings group, change the switch from Undefined to Forced.

    The default switch position is Forced.

  5. Click OK.
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