Scanning files in OneDrive cloud storage

In Windows 10 RS3 or later, Kaspersky Anti-Virus does not scan files in OneDrive cloud storage. If the application detects such files during a scan, it shows a notification stating that the files in cloud storage were not scanned.

The following components do not scan files in OneDrive cloud storage:

The report on the operation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus contains a list of files in OneDrive cloud storage that were skipped during scan.

Files downloaded from OneDrive cloud storage to a local computer are scanned by real-time protection components. If a file scan was postponed and the file has been uploaded back to OneDrive cloud storage before the scan is started, this file may be skipped during a scan.

In order to make sure that OneDrive files are displayed in Explorer, turn on the Files on demand in the OneDrive client application feature. If you are connected to the Internet, you can use them just like any other files on your computer.

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