Kaspersky Endpoint Agent application data

Do not use Kaspersky Endpoint Agent on the devices for which data submission is prohibited by the policy of your organization.

In order to provide basic functionality, perform audits, as well as to expedite the solution of arising problems by Kaspersky Technical Support experts, Kaspersky Endpoint Agent stores and processes data locally.

Devices with Kaspersky Endpoint Agent installed store data prepared for automatic submission to the Kaspersky Sandbox server, KATA server, and to Kaspersky Security Center. Files are stored on devices with Kaspersky Endpoint Agent in plain, non-encrypted form in the default folder for storing files before submission.

The administrator of a solution that includes Kaspersky Endpoint Agent must ensure the security of the devices with Kaspersky Endpoint Agent and the servers with the listed data independently. The solution administrator is responsible for access to this information.

This section contains the following information about personal data stored on devices with Kaspersky Endpoint Agent and transferred to Kaspersky Security Center or to Kaspersky servers:

The received information is protected by Kaspersky in accordance with the requirements established by law and the current Kaspersky rules. Data is transmitted via encrypted communication channels.

All data that is stored locally on the device, except for trace and dump files, is deleted from the device when the application is uninstalled.

The specific set of data depends on the solution within which Kaspersky Endpoint Agent is used.

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