Data in trace and dump files

Kaspersky Endpoint Agent can write debug information to the trace files in accordance with the specified settings. Trace files are used for the purposes of technical support during the operation of Kaspersky Endpoint Agent.

Kaspersky Endpoint Agent dump files are generated by the operating system during application crashes and are overwritten by the next crash.

Trace and dump files may contain personal data of users or confidential data of your organization.

Do not use Kaspersky Endpoint Agent on the devices for which data submission is prohibited by the policy of your organization.

By default, Kaspersky Endpoint Agent does not record debug information.

Trace and dump files are not automatically sent outside the device on which they were generated. The content of trace files can be viewed using standard text file viewers.

Trace and dump files are stored permanently and are not deleted when Kaspersky Endpoint Agent is uninstalled.

Debug information can be useful for Technical Support.

No special mechanisms are provided for limiting access to trace and dump files. The administrator can configure this data to be written to a protected folder.

The path to the trace and dump file folder is not configured by default. To use the trace and dump folder, the administrator must specify it.

Data in trace and dump files can contain:

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