Scenario: Installation and initial configuration of Kaspersky Endpoint Security

This scenario describes how to install and perform initial configuration of Kaspersky Endpoint Security, install and configure the Network Agent package.

Installation and initial setup of Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Kaspersky Security Center proceeds in stages:

  1. Removing third-party anti-virus software

    Before installing Kaspersky Endpoint Security, make sure no other third-party anti-virus software is installed on your computer. If necessary, uninstall the software.

  2. Preparing for starting the application in Astra Linux

    If you install Kaspersky Endpoint Security in Astra Linux operating system in the closed software environment mode, you must perform a number of additional actions depending on the Astra Linux operating system version before installing the application.

  3. Installing the Kaspersky Endpoint Security package

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security is distributed in packages in the DEB and RPM formats. Install Kaspersky Endpoint Security from a package of the required format.

  4. Performing Kaspersky Endpoint Security initial configuration

    After Kaspersky Endpoint Security installation is complete, run the post-installation configuration script. Performing initial configuration is required to enable the protection of your computer. The post-installation configuration script is included in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security package.

    During the initial configuration stage, you can manually specify setting values step-by-step or use the initial configuration file for automatic initial configuration. If necessary, you can edit the setting values in the initial configuration file.

  5. Installing Network Agent

    Install Network Agent. This stage is required if you plan to manage Kaspersky Endpoint Security via Kaspersky Security Center.

  6. Performing Network Agent initial configuration

    After Network Agent installation is complete, configure its settings.

  7. Installing Kaspersky Endpoint Security administration plug-in

    To manage Kaspersky Endpoint Security via Kaspersky Security Center, you have to install Kaspersky Endpoint Security administration plug-in. For more information, please refer to Kaspersky Security Center documentation.

    You can install administration plug-ins for different versions of Kaspersky Endpoint Security simultaneously. Therefore, you can manage the application by using policies created with different administration plug-in versions. Also, you can convert policies and tasks created by using previous versions of administration plug-in to newer versions.

Root rights are required to access the application files and directories during the installation and application update downloading and applying.

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