Initial configuration of Kaspersky Endpoint Security settings

After installing Kaspersky Endpoint Security, you must run the script for post-installation configuration of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. The post-installation configuration script for Kaspersky Endpoint Security is included in the Kaspersky Endpoint Security package.

If you have not completed the procedure for initial configuration of Kaspersky Endpoint Security, the computer's anti-virus protection will not work.

To start the Kaspersky Endpoint Security post-installation configuration script, execute the following command:

# /opt/kaspersky/kesl/bin/

The post-installation configuration script requests Kaspersky Endpoint Security parameter values step-by-step.

The post-installation configuration script must be run with root privileges after installation of the Kaspersky Endpoint Security package is complete.

When the post-installation configuration script finished and released the console, this means the application deployment process is completed.

To check the return code, execute the following command:

echo $?

If the code 0 is returned, the application installation is successfully completed.

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