Update task settings

The table describes all available values and default values of all the settings that you can specify for the Update task.

Update task settings





Source from which the application receives updates.

KLServers (default value) — The application receives updates from one of the Kaspersky update servers. Updates are downloaded via HTTPS protocol.

SCServer — the application downloads updates to the protected device from Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server installed in your organization. You can select this update source if you use Kaspersky Security Center for centralized administration of device protection in your organization.

Custom — The application downloads updates from a custom source specified in the [CustomSources.item_#] section. You can specify directories on FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS servers or directories on any device mounted on the protected client device, including directories on remote devices mounted via the Samba or NFS protocols.


The application's access to Kaspersky update servers if all custom update sources are unavailable.

Yes (default value) — The application will connect to Kaspersky update servers if all custom update sources are unavailable.

No — The application will not connect to Kaspersky update servers if all custom update sources are unavailable.


Application update download and installation mode.

Disabled — Do not download or install application updates.

DownloadOnly (default value) — Download application updates, but do not install them.

DownloadAndInstall — Automatically download and install application updates.


Response timeout (in seconds) of an update source while attempting to connect to it. If an update source does not respond within the specified time interval, the application contacts the next update source in the list.

You can use only integers within the range from 0 to 120.

Default value: 10.

The [CustomSources.item_#] section contains the following settings:


Address of the custom update source on the local area network or the Internet.

The default value is not defined.


URL=http://example.com/bases/ – address of the HTTP server with the directory that contains updates.

URL=/home/bases/ – directory on the protected computer that contains application databases.



Enables the use of the update source specified as the value of the URL setting.

To run the task, at least one update source needs to be enabled.

Yes – the application uses the update source.

No – The app doesn't use the update source.

The default value is not defined.

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