Kaspersky Security Network

Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) is an infrastructure of cloud services providing access to Kaspersky's online knowledge base with information about the reputation of files, web resources, and software. The use of data from Kaspersky Security Network ensures faster responses by Kaspersky Endpoint Security to various threats, improves the performance of some protection components, and reduces the likelihood of false positives.

Depending on the location of the infrastructure, there are two types of KSN:

After changing the license, submit the details of the new key to the service provider in order to be able to use Private KSN. Otherwise, data exchange with Private KSN will be impossible due to an authentication error.

Thanks to users who participate in Kaspersky Security Network, Kaspersky is able to develop solutions for neutralizing threats and minimize the number of false alarms displayed by Kaspersky Endpoint Security components. Participation in Kaspersky Security Network is voluntary. The application invites the user to participate in Kaspersky Security Network during installation.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security provides two options for participating in Kaspersky Security Network:

You can start or stop using Kaspersky Security Network at any time. You can also select another participation option by clicking the Edit button.

No personal data is collected, processed, or stored. Detailed information about the storage, and destruction, and/or submission to Kaspersky of statistical information generated during participation in KSN is available in the Kaspersky Security Network Statement and on Kaspersky's website.

You can read the text of Kaspersky Security Network Statement by clicking the Text of the Kaspersky Security Network Statement link.

User devices managed by Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server can interact with KSN via the KSN Proxy service. You can configure the KSN Proxy settings in the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server properties. For details about the KSN Proxy service refer to Kaspersky Security Center documentation.

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