Application settings

You can configure the general settings of Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

General application settings



Detect legitimate applications that may be used by hackers to harm devices or data

This check box enables or disables the detection of legitimate software that could be used by hackers to harm computers or data of users.

This check box is cleared by default.

Event notifications

Clicking the Configure event notifications link opens the Notification settings window. In this window, you can specify the events that Kaspersky Endpoint Security will record in the operating system log (syslog).

Select the check box next to each type of event for which you want to send notifications.

You can also select the check box next to the importance level of events (Critical events, Information messages, Functional failure, and Warnings). In this case, the check boxes will be automatically selected next to each type of event that belongs to the group of the selected importance level.

The check boxes are cleared by default.

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