Task management

Kaspersky Security Center Web Console uses tasks to manage the operation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security installed on computers. Tasks implement the primary administrative functions, such as key installation, object scanning, and database and application software module updates.

You can create the following types of tasks to manage Kaspersky Endpoint Security via Kaspersky Security Center Web Console:

You can create the following types of tasks:

Tasks are run on a computer only if Kaspersky Endpoint Security is running.

You can perform the following actions with tasks:

The rights to access the settings of Kaspersky Endpoint Security tasks (read, write, execute) are defined for each user who has access to Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server, through the settings of access to functional areas of Kaspersky Endpoint Security. To configure the rights to access the settings of functional areas of Kaspersky Endpoint Security, go to the Security section of the properties window of Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server.

General information on tasks in Kaspersky Security Center Web Console is provided in the Kaspersky Security Center documentation.

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