User roles

Access to Kaspersky Endpoint Security functions is provided to users in accordance with their roles. A role is a set of rights and privileges for managing the application.

Four groups of system users are created in the operating system: kesladmin, kesluser, keslaudit, and nokesl. When you assign an application role to a system user, the user is added to the corresponding group of roles (see the Roles table below). When you revoke a role from a user, this user is removed from the corresponding group of roles.

If no application role is assigned to a system user, that user belongs to a separate group of users without rights.

Thus, the roles correspond to the four groups of operating system users:

The table below describes the application roles and their permissions.

User roles

Role name

Role in application

OS user





Manage all application and task settings.

Manage application licensing.

Assigning roles to users.

Revoking user roles (the administrator has no right to revoke the admin role from himself).

View and manage users' Storages.




Manage only Scan_File tasks.

Start and stop Update tasks.

View reports for the tasks created by this user.

View specific events that are common for all application users.




Viewing application settings

View application status.

View all tasks, their settings, and start schedules.

View all events.

View all objects in the Storage.


No role is assigned in the application, no permissions.

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Viewing a list of users and roles

Assigning a role to a user

Revoking a user role

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