Restoring objects from the Storage

Kaspersky Endpoint Security stores objects in the Storage in encrypted form to keep the protected device safe from their potential harmful effects.

You can restore objects from Storage if necessary. You may need to restore objects, for example, if while disinfecting an infected file the application failed to preserve its integrity, which made the information in the file inaccessible. You can save the object under a new name when restoring it from the Storage. If a file has been deleted from an archive, restoring it will restore the entire original archive.

Restoring infected objects may lead to a device infection.

To restore an object under its original name to its original location, execute the following command:

kesl-control [-B] --restore <object ID>

where <object ID> is the ID of the object in the Storage.

To restore an object under a new name to a specified directory, execute the following command:

kesl-control [-B] --restore <object ID> --file <file name and path to the file directory>

If the specified directory does not exist, the application creates it.

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