Manage the application via Kaspersky Security Center Administration Console

Kaspersky Security Center is designed for centralized management of corporate network security. For detailed information about Kaspersky Security Center, see the Kaspersky Security Center help.

You can also manage Kaspersky Endpoint Security via the application's graphical user interface, Kaspersky Security Center Web Console and Cloud Console, and the command line.

In this section

Deploy Kaspersky Endpoint Security on a corporate network

Update Kaspersky Endpoint Security version 11.1 to version 11.3

Prepare for remote installation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Manage Network Agent from the command line

Install and uninstall Kaspersky Endpoint Security

Start and stop the application via Kaspersky Security Center

Create and manage tasks

Create and manage policies

Create and manage policy profiles

Generate a report on detected objects

Get a recovery key for an encrypted disk

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