Use Protection Center

Protection Center is a Kaspersky Endpoint Security feature that helps you analyze and fix problems and computer security threats.

Open Protection Center

In Protection Center, you can find information about active threats, view the state of application databases, and find out whether any component protection is disabled.

Note: If your organization's system administrator enables Web Control to block access to dangerous web resources, Kaspersky Endpoint Security displays the Web Control is enabled notification in Protection Center.

For each problem or threat, Kaspersky Endpoint Security suggests actions that you can perform to resolve the problem or threat. For example, if Kaspersky Endpoint Security detects infected files on the computer, you can click Disinfect. If the anti-malware databases are out of date, you can click Update. You can fix a problem or neutralize a threat immediately or later.

Fix a problem or neutralize a threat immediately

If you close Protection Center without neutralizing dangerous threats, the protection status indicator in the main application window remains red to remind you of these threats.

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