Sometimes the integrity of infected files cannot be preserved during the disinfection process. If a disinfected file contained important information that is partly or completely inaccessible following disinfection, you can restore the original file from Backup.

A backup copy is a copy of a dangerous file that is created when the file is disinfected or deleted. It is stored in Backup.

Backup is a special storage area that contains backup copies of files that have been deleted or modified during disinfection. The main function of Backup is to let the user restore an original file at any time. Files in Backup are saved in a special format and are not dangerous for the computer.

View the contents of Backup

You can restore or remove backup copies of files from Backup.

Restore a backup copy of a file from Backup

Remove a backup copy of a file from Backup

By default, the storage period for files in Backup is 30 days. When this period expires, the files are deleted. You can change the maximum Backup storage period for files or remove the limit on the storage period.

Configure the storage period for files in Backup

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