About notifications

Kaspersky Endpoint Security displays notifications to inform you of application events. Depending on the version of the operating system installed on the computer, notifications appear in the operating system's Notification Center. The appearance of notifications depends on the options set in the operating system's Notification settings.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security events are divided into three types according to their importance:

Disable notifications

Enable logging non-critical events

Regardless of whether notifications are enabled or disabled, the application reports include information about events that occur while Kaspersky Endpoint Security is running.

Notifications can be accompanied by sound (for example, notifications about a detected malware). You can disable the sound alert.

Logging of non-critical events considerably increases the total size of the report file. Note, that this setting applies only to File Threat Protection.

Disable sound alerts that accompany notifications

If an action is required in response to an event, Kaspersky Endpoint Security displays a notification window. For example, when the application detects a malicious object, it prompts you to delete or disinfect the object. The notification window disappears from the screen only after one of the actions is selected.

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