About Kaspersky Security for Mobile

Kaspersky Security 10.0 for Mobile (hereinafter referred to as "Kaspersky Security for Mobile") is an integrated solution for protecting and managing corporate mobile devices as well as personal mobile devices used by company employees for corporate purposes.

Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes the following components:

The Administration Plug-ins are integrated into the Kaspersky Security Center remote administration system. The administrator can use a single Administration Console of Kaspersky Security Center to manage all mobile device on the corporate network as well as client computers and virtual systems. After you connect mobile devices to the Administration Server, they become managed. The administrator can remotely monitor managed devices.

The Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android and Kaspersky Safe Browser mobile apps may also operate as part of the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud remote administration system. For more details on working with apps through Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, please refer to Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Online Help.

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