Defining policy settings

This section describes how to define the settings of Kaspersky Security Center policies for managing mobile devices.

You can define policy settings either when creating or modifying a policy.

In this section

Configuring anti-virus protection

Defining device unlock settings

Configuring protection of stolen or lost device data

Configuring app control

Configuring compliance control of mobile devices with corporate security requirements

Configuring user access to websites

Configuring feature restrictions

Protecting Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android against removal

Configuring synchronization of mobile devices with Kaspersky Security Center

Kaspersky Security Network

Exchanging information with Google Analytics for Firebase, SafetyNet Attestation, Firebase Performance Monitoring, and Crashlytics

Configuring notifications on mobile devices

Detecting device hacks

Defining licensing settings

Configuring events

Configuring events about the installation, update, and removal of apps on users' devices

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