AMSI Scanner task statistics

While the AMSI scanner task is running, you can view information about the number of scripts processed by Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security from the time when the task was started.

To view the AMSI scanner task statistics:

  1. In the Application Console tree, expand the Real-Time Computer Protection node.
  2. Select the AMSI scanner child node.

Current task statistics are displayed in the results pane of the node in the Management and Statistics sections.

You can view information about objects processed by Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security since the task was started (see the table below).

AMSI Scanner task statistics



Scripts blocked

Number of scripts blocked by Kaspersky Embedded Systems Security.

Dangerous scripts detected

Number of dangerous scripts detected.

Probably dangerous scripts detected

Number of probably dangerous scripts detected.

Processed scripts

Total number of processed scripts.

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