Editing templates of encrypted file access messages

To edit templates of encrypted file access messages:

  1. Open the Administration Console of Kaspersky Security Center.
  2. In the Managed devices folder of the Administration Console tree, open the folder with the name of the administration group for which you want to edit the templates of encrypted file access request messages.
  3. In the workspace, select the Policies tab.
  4. Select the necessary policy.
  5. Open the Properties: <Policy name> window by using one of the following methods:
    • In the context menu of the policy, select Properties.
    • Click the Configure policy link located in the right part of the Administration Console workspace.
  6. In the Data Encryption section, select the Common encryption settings subsection.
  7. In the Templates section, click the Templates button.

    The Templates window opens.

  8. Do the following:
    • If you want to edit the user message template, select the User's message tab. The File access denied window opens when the user attempts to access an encrypted file while there is no key available on the computer for access to encrypted files. Clicking the Send by email button in the File access denied window automatically creates a user message. This message is sent to the corporate LAN administrator along with the file requesting access to encrypted files.
    • If you want to edit the administrator message template, select the Administrator's message tab. This message is created automatically when the Send by email button is clicked in the Grant access to encrypted files window and is sent to the user after the user is granted access to encrypted files.
  9. Edit the message templates.

    You can use the Default button and the Variable drop-down list.

  10. Click OK.
  11. To save your changes, in the Properties: <Policy name> window, click OK.
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