Viewing the data encryption report

To view the data encryption report:

  1. Open the Administration Console of Kaspersky Security Center.
  2. In the Administration Server node of the Administration Console tree, select the Reports tab.
  3. Click the Create report template button.

    The Report Template Wizard starts.

  4. Follow the instructions of the Report Template Wizard. In the Select report template type window in the Other section, select one of the following items:
    • Managed device encryption status report.
    • Stored device data encryption report.
    • Encryption errors report.
    • Report on blocked access to encrypted files.

    After you have finished with the New Report Template Wizard, the new report template appears in the table on the Reports tab.

  5. Select the report template that was created at the previous steps of the instructions.

The report generation process starts. The report is displayed in a new window.

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