Extracting encrypted packages

To extract an encrypted package:

  1. In any file manager, select an encrypted package. Click to start the Unpacking Wizard.

    The Enter password window opens.

  2. Enter the password that protects the encrypted package.
  3. In the Enter password window, click OK.

    If password entry is successful, the standard Browse Microsoft Windows dialog box opens.

  4. In the standard Browse Microsoft Windows dialog box, select the destination folder to extract the encrypted package to and click OK.

    The process of extracting the encrypted package to the destination folder starts.

If the encrypted package was previously extracted to the specified destination folder, the existing files in the folder will be overwritten with the files from the encrypted package.

If you cancel the extraction of an encrypted package, Kaspersky Endpoint Security performs the following operations:

  1. Stops the package decryption process and terminates all operations of copying files from the encrypted package, if such operations are in progress.
  2. Deletes all temporary files created in the course of decryption and extraction of the encrypted package, as well as all files that have been already copied from the encrypted package to the destination folder.
  3. Notifies the user that the encrypted package extraction process has been forcefully terminated.
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