Step 5. Selecting application components to install

This step is performed if you select Custom installation of the application.

At this step, you can select the components of Kaspersky Endpoint Security that you want to install. File Anti-Virus is a mandatory component for installation. You cannot cancel its installation.

By default, all application components are selected for installation except the following components:

Microsoft BitLocker Manager performs the following functions:

KATA Endpoint Sensor is a component of Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform. This solution is intended for rapid detection of threats such as targeted attacks. The component continually monitors processes, active network connections, and files that are modified, and relays this information to Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform.

To select a component to install, click the icon next to the component name to bring up the context menu and select Feature will be installed on the local hard drive. For more details on what tasks are performed by the selected component and how much disk space is required to install the component, refer to the lower part of the current Setup Wizard page.

To view detailed information about the available space on local hard drives, click the Volume button. Information will be displayed in the Disk space available window that opens.

To cancel installation of the component, select the Feature will be unavailable option in the context menu.

To return to the list of components installed by default, click the Reset button.

To return to the previous step of the Setup Wizard, click the Back button. To proceed with the Setup Wizard, click the Next button. To stop the Setup Wizard, click the Cancel button.

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