Selecting the run mode for the scan task

If it is impossible to run the scan task for any reason (for example, the computer is off at that time), you can configure the skipped task to be run automatically as soon as this becomes possible.

You can postpone the scan task start after application startup if you have selected the By schedule update task run mode and the Kaspersky Endpoint Security startup time matches the scan task run schedule. The scan task can only be run after the specified time interval elapses after the startup of Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

To select the scan task run mode:

  1. In the main application window, click the Settings button.
  2. In the application settings window, select Tasks → Full Scan , Critical Areas Scan, or Custom Scan.
  3. Click the Run mode button.

    A window with the properties of the selected task opens on the Run mode tab.

  4. In the Run mode section, select the task run mode: Manually or By schedule.
  5. If you selected the By schedule option, specify the schedule settings. To do so:
    1. In the Frequency drop-down list, select the task run frequency (Minutes, Hours, Days, Every week, At a specified time, Every month, or After application startup, After every update).
    2. Depending on the selected frequency, configure advanced settings that specify the task run schedule.
    3. If you want Kaspersky Endpoint Security to start skipped scan tasks as soon as possible, select the Run skipped tasks check box.

      If Minutes, Hours, After application startup or After every update item is selected in the Frequency drop-down list, the Run skipped tasks check box is unavailable.

    1. If you want Kaspersky Endpoint Security to suspend a task when computer resources are limited, select the Run only when the computer is idling check box. Kaspersky Endpoint Security starts the scan task if the computer is locked.

      This schedule option helps to conserve computer resources.

  6. Save your changes.
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