BadUSB Attack Prevention

Some viruses modify the firmware of USB devices to trick the operating system into detecting the USB device as a keyboard.

The BadUSB Attack Prevention component prevents infected USB devices emulating a keyboard from connecting to the computer.

When a USB device is connected to the computer and identified by the application as a keyboard, the application prompts the user to enter a numerical code generated by the application from this keyboard, or using On-Screen Keyboard (if it is available). This procedure is known as keyboard authorization. The application allows use of an authorized keyboard and blocks a keyboard that has not been authorized.

The BadUSB Attack Protection component is not installed by default. If you need the BadUSB Attack Protection component, you can add the component in the properties of the installation package before installing the application or change the available application components after installing the application.

In this section:

Enabling and disabling BadUSB Attack Prevention

Allowing and prohibiting the use of On-Screen Keyboard for authorization

Keyboard authorization

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