Web Control

This component is available if Kaspersky Endpoint Security is installed on a computer that runs on Windows for workstations. This component is unavailable if Kaspersky Endpoint Security is installed on a computer that runs on Windows for servers.

Web Control manages users' access to web resources. This helps reduce traffic and inappropriate use of work time. When a user tries to open a website that is restricted by Web Control, Kaspersky Endpoint Security will block access or show a warning (see the figure below).

Kaspersky Endpoint Security monitors only HTTP- and HTTPS traffic.

For HTTPS traffic monitoring, you need to enable encrypted connections scan.

Methods for managing access to websites

Web Control lets you configure access to websites by using the following methods:

You can simultaneously use multiple methods for regulating access to websites. For example, you can restrict access to the "Office files" data type just for the "Web-based email" website category.

Website access rules

Web Control manages users' access to websites by using access rules. You can configure the following advanced settings for a website access rule:

Access rule priorities

Each rule has a priority. The higher a rule is on the list, the higher its priority. If a website has been added to multiple rules, Web Control regulates access to the website based on the rule with the highest priority. For example, Kaspersky Endpoint Security may identify a corporate portal as a social network. To restrict access to social networks and provide access to the corporate web portal, create two rules: one block rule for the "Social networks" website category and one allow rule for the corporate web portal. The access rule for the corporate web portal must have a higher priority than the access rule for social networks.

Web Control messages

In this section:

Enabling and disabling Web Control

Actions with web resource access rules

Migrating web resource access rules from previous versions of the application

Exporting and importing the list of web resource addresses

Monitoring user Internet activity

Editing masks for web resource addresses

Editing templates of Web Control messages

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