Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) technology

Single Sign-On (SSO) technology allows you to automatically log into the operating system using the credentials of the Authentication Agent.

When using Single Sign-on technology, the Authentication Agent ignores the password strength requirements specified in Kaspersky Security Center. You can set the password strength requirements in the operating system settings.

Single Sign-On technology is incompatible with third-party providers of account credentials.

How to enable the use of Single Sign-On technology in the Administration Console (MMC)

How to enable use of Single Sign-On in the Web Console

For Single Sign-On to work, the Windows account password and the password for the Authentication Agent account must match. If the passwords do not match, the user needs to perform the authentication procedure twice: in the interface of the Authentication Agent and before loading the operating system. After that, Kaspersky Endpoint Security replaces the password of the Authentication Agent account with the password of the Windows account.

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