Creating the list of trusted web addresses

In addition to malicious and phishing websites, Web Threat Protection can block other websites. For example, Web Threat Protection blocks HTTP traffic that does not satisfy RFC standards. You can create a list of URLs whose content you trust. The Web Threat Protection component does not analyze information from trusted web addresses to check them for viruses or other threats. This option may be useful, for example, if the Web Threat Protection component interferes with the downloading of a file from a known website.

A URL may be the address of a specific web page or the address of a website.

How to add a trusted web address using Administration Console (MMC)

How to add a trusted web address in the Web Console and Cloud Console

How to add a trusted web address in the application interface

As a result, Web Threat Protection does not scan traffic of trusted web addresses. The user always can open a trusted website and download a file from that website. If you could not gain access to the website, check the settings of Encrypted connections scan, Web Control, and Network ports monitoring components. If Kaspersky Endpoint Security detects a file downloaded from a trusted website as malicious, you can add this file to exclusions.

You can also create a general list of exclusions for encrypted connections. In this case, Kaspersky Endpoint Security does not scan HTTPS traffic of trusted web addresses when Web Threat Protection, Mail Threat Protection, Web Control components are doing their work.

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