UPDATE. Updating databases and application software modules

Run the Update task.

Command syntax

UPDATE [local] ["<update source>"] [/R[A]:<report file>] [/C:<file with update settings>]

Update task settings



Start of the Update task that was created automatically after the application was installed. You can change the settings of the Update task in the local application interface or in the console of Kaspersky Security Center. If this setting is not configured, Kaspersky Endpoint Security starts the Update task with the default settings or with the settings specified in the command. You can configure Update task settings as follows:

  • UPDATE starts the Update task with the default settings: the update source is Kaspersky update servers, the account is System, and other default settings.
  • UPDATE local starts the Update task that was created automatically after installation (predefined task).
  • UPDATE <update settings> starts the Update task with manually defined settings (see below).

Update source


"<update source>"

Address of a HTTP or FTP server, or of a shared folder with the update package. You can specify only one update source. If the update source is not specified, Kaspersky Endpoint Security uses the default source: Kaspersky update servers.

Saving events to a report file mode


/R:<report file>

Save only critical events to the report file.

/RA:<report file>

Save all events to a report file.

Advanced settings


/C:<file with update settings>

File with the Update task settings. The file must be created manually and saved in TXT format. The file can have the following contents: ["<update source>"] [/R[A]:<report file>].


avp.com UPDATE local

avp.com UPDATE "ftp://my_server/kav updates" /RA:avbases_upd.txt

See also:

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