Scan. Virus Scan

Run the virus scan task.

To run the task, the administrator must Allow use of local tasks in the policy.

Command syntax

kescli --opswat Scan "<scan scope>" <action on threat detection>

You can check the completion status of a Full Scan task by using the GetScanState command and view the date and time when the scan was last completed by using the GetLastScanTime command.

Scan scope


<files to scan>

;-separated list of files and folders. For example, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Example Folder".

Action on threat detection



Inform. If this option is selected, Kaspersky Endpoint Security adds the information about infected files to the list of active threats on detection of these files.


Disinfect; delete if disinfection fails. If this option is selected, Kaspersky Endpoint Security automatically attempts to disinfect all infected files that are detected. If disinfection fails, Kaspersky Endpoint Security deletes the files.

This action is selected by default.


kescli --opswat Scan "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\My Documents;C:\Program Files" 1

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SCAN. Virus Scan

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