Managing reports

Information about the operation of each Kaspersky Endpoint Security component, data encryption events, the performance of each scan task, the update task and integrity check task, and the overall operation of the application is recorded in reports.

Reports are stored in the folder C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\KES.21.15\Report.

Reports may contain the following user data:

The data in the report is presented in tabular form. Each table row contains information on a separate event. Event attributes are located in the table columns. Certain columns are compound ones which contain nested columns with additional attributes. To view additional attributes, click the The "Expand" icon. button next to the name of the column. Events that are logged during the operation of various components or during the performance of various tasks have different sets of attributes.

The following reports are available:

Reports use the following event importance levels:

Informational event icon. Informational messages. Reference events that normally do not contain important information.

Warning event icon. Warnings. Events that need attention because they reflect important situations in the operation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

Critical event icon. Critical events. Events of critical importance that indicate problems in the operation of Kaspersky Endpoint Security or vulnerabilities in the protection of the user's computer.

For convenient processing of reports, you can modify the presentation of data on the screen in the following ways:

You can save a generated report to a text file, if necessary. You can also delete report information on Kaspersky Endpoint Security components and tasks that are combined into groups.

If Kaspersky Endpoint Security is running under the management of Kaspersky Security Center, information about events may be relayed to the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server (for more details, please refer to the Kaspersky Security Center Help).

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