Selecting an update source

After adding a license key, you can select one of the following sources of updates for databases and application modules:

Only users with the Administrator role can select an update source.

To select an update source:

  1. Start the Application Console and provide the account credentials of a user with the Administrator role.
  2. In the Settings menu of the Application Console window, select Update.

    The Manage updates window opens.

  3. In the Update source settings group, select one of the following options for update sources:
    • Local folder – for downloading updates from a specified local folder on the computer that performs functions of the Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity for Networks Server.
    • Kaspersky update servers – for downloading updates from Kaspersky update servers.
    • Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server – for downloading updates from the Kaspersky Security Center Administration Server (this option is available if the capability for application interaction with Kaspersky Security Center has been added).
  4. If the Local folder option is selected, specify the path to the folder in the local file system. You can use the Browse button to open the window for selecting a folder.

    The kics4net group must be granted access to the specified folder. If necessary, grant access to this folder using the standard tools of the operating system.

  5. Click the Save settings button.
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