Selecting the update run mode

After adding a license key, you can select one of the following modes for starting updates of databases and application modules:

Only users with the Administrator role can select the update run mode.

To select the update run mode:

  1. Start the Application Console and provide the account credentials of a user with the Administrator role.
  2. In the Settings menu of the Application Console window, select Update.

    The Manage updates window opens.

  3. In the Run mode settings group, select one of the following options for starting an update:
    • Manually – to start an update only manually.
    • Automatically (by schedule) – to start an update either according to a schedule or manually.
  4. If the Automatically (by schedule) option is selected, specify the update schedule settings. To do so:
    1. In the drop-down list, indicate when the update will occur. Select one of the following options: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
    2. Depending on the selected option, specify the values for the settings defining the precise update run schedule.
  5. Click the Save settings button.
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