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In the Update section, you can modify settings for downloading and installing Kaspersky Internet Security databases and application software modules.

In the Secure Data Input section, you can configure activation and display of On-Screen Keyboard, as well as specify the websites on which you want to protect data input.

In the Threats and Exclusions section, you can create a list of the objects that Kaspersky Internet Security will ignore.

In the Self-Defense section, you can enable or disable protection of Kaspersky Internet Security files as well as memory processes and system registry records.

In the Network section, you can enable or disable network port control and scanning of encrypted connections, as well as configure proxy server settings.

In the Notifications section, you can enable or disable notifications about application events. In this section, you can configure display of the information that is most relevant to you when you visit the websites of Kaspersky Lab and its partners.

In the Reports and Quarantine section, you can define storage settings for files moved to Quarantine and settings for information on detected threats that is recorded in reports.

The Additional protection and management tools lets you manage the connection to Kaspersky Security Network and My Kaspersky portal.

In the Appearance section, you can configure notification settings and the appearance of the application icon.

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