Network settings

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In the Cost-Aware Networking section, you can specify whether or not the application must limit traffic based on calculations of Internet connection costs. This section is displayed when using Microsoft Windows 8 or a later operating system.

Limit traffic on metered connections

In the Traffic processing section, you can specify whether or not the application should inject a web page interaction script into traffic.

Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages

In the Monitored ports section, you can choose the port monitoring mode that is used by Mail Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, and Web Anti-Virus to scan data streams.

Monitor all network ports

Monitor selected ports only


In the Encrypted connections scanning section, you can enable / disable scanning for encrypted connections that use the SSL protocol.


Do not scan encrypted connections

Scan encrypted connections upon request from protection components

Always scan encrypted connections

On errors during encrypted connections scan:

Websites with scan errors

Manage exclusions

Additional Settings

In the Proxy server section, you can configure the connection to a proxy server that you use to access the Internet.

The application defines the default proxy server settings during the installation process.

Proxy server settings

In the Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird section, you can select a certificate store for Mozilla applications.

Scan secure traffic in Mozilla applications

Use Windows certificate store (recommended)

Use Mozilla certificate store

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