How to pause and resume computer protection

Pausing protection means temporarily disabling all protection components for some time.

When protection is paused or Kaspersky Internet Security is not running, the activity of the applications running on your computer is monitored. Information about the results of monitoring of application activity is saved in the operating system. When Kaspersky Internet Security is started again or protection is resumed, the application uses this information to protect your computer from malicious actions that may have been performed when protection was paused or when Kaspersky Internet Security was not running. Information about the results of monitoring of application activity is stored indefinitely. This information is deleted if Kaspersky Internet Security is removed from your computer.

To pause the protection of your computer:

  1. In the context menu of the application icon located in the taskbar notification area, select the Pause protection item.

    The Pause protection window opens (see the following figure).

    Pausing protection

    Pause protection window

  2. In the Pause protection window, select the time interval after which protection will be resumed:
    • Pause for – protection is enabled after expiration of the time interval selected from the drop-down list.
    • Pause until application restart – protection is enabled after the application is started again or the operating system is restarted (if the application automatically starts on startup).
    • Pause – protection will be resumed when you decide to resume it.
  3. Click the Pause protection button and confirm your choice in the window that opens.

How to resume computer protection

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