About remote management of computer protection

If your computer has Kaspersky Internet Security installed and is connected to My Kaspersky, you can manage protection of this computer remotely.

To manage computer protection remotely, sign in to My Kaspersky with your account and go to the Devices section.

In the Devices section, you can:

If a computer scan is started from My Kaspersky, Kaspersky Internet Security processes objects that are detected automatically without your involvement. On detecting a virus or other threat, Kaspersky Internet Security attempts to perform disinfection without rebooting the computer. If disinfection without restarting the computer is impossible, the list of computer security problems on My Kaspersky shows a message to the effect that the computer needs restarting to perform disinfection.

If the list of detected objects on My Kaspersky includes more than 10 items, they are grouped. In this case, the detected objects can be processed via My Kaspersky only together without the ability to examine each object separately. To view separately objects in this case, you are advised to use the interface of the application installed on the computer.

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