About On-Screen Keyboard

When using the Internet, you frequently need to enter your personal data or your user name and password. This happens, for example, during account registration on websites, online shopping, and Internet banking.

There is a risk that personal data can be intercepted by hardware keyboard interceptors or keyloggers, which are programs that record keystrokes. The On-Screen Keyboard tool prevents the interception of data entered via the keyboard.

Many programs classified as spyware can take screenshots, which then are automatically transmitted to an intruder for further analysis to steal the user's personal data. On-Screen Keyboard protects entered personal data from attempts to intercept it by means of screenshots.

On-Screen Keyboard has the following features:

To ensure protection of data entered via On-Screen Keyboard, restart your computer after installing Kaspersky Internet Security.

The use of On-Screen Keyboard has the following limitations:

The preceding list describes the main restrictions in functionality for protection of data input. A full list of restrictions is given in an article on the Kaspersky Technical Support website.

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