How to configure DNS over HTTPS protection

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When you type a website name in the address bar, the browser sends your request to a DNS server. The DNS server determines the IP address of the website requested. Data is transferred from your computer to the DNS server using an ordinary unencrypted text protocol. Intruders can intercept information about the websites you visit and abuse it. To prevent this from happening, this information should be transferred over the secure HTTPS protocol. The server that receives and analyzes such requests is called a DNS over HTTPS (or DoH) server.

Kaspersky Internet Security automatically receives data about which DoH server is used in the Mozilla Firefox browser. If you have added a DoH server manually in the Kaspersky Internet Security application and you want DNS data to be transferred through this DoH server, you need to add this server to your Mozilla Firefox browser settings. For information on configuring the DoH server, see Mozilla Firefox Help.

Adding a DoH server

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