How to optimize the load on the operating system due to running Kaspersky Internet Security tasks

When you run a computer scan using Kaspersky Internet Security, it can consume significant system resources. In order to optimize the load on the system, you can configure Kaspersky Internet Security to run scan tasks (for system memory, the system partition, and startup objects) and to update databases when the computer is locked or the screen saver is activated. This additional setting allows you to enhance the security of your computer without sacrificing performance when you are using it.

If the computer is running on battery, Kaspersky Internet Security will not execute tasks when the computer is idle in order to prolong battery life.

To optimize the load on the operating system, perform the following actions:

  1. Open the main application window.
  2. Click the Settings 2019.png button in the lower part of the window.

    The Settings window opens.

  3. Select the Performance section.

    The window displays the performance settings of Kaspersky Internet Security.

  4. Tick or untick the following check boxes:
    • Postpone computer scan tasks when the CPU and disk systems are at high load.
    • Perform Idle Scan.
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