About Anti-Banner

The Anti-Banner component is designed to provide protection against banners while you browse the web. Anti-Banner blocks banners shown on the websites that you visit and in the interface of some applications. Anti-Banner blocks banners from the list of known banners which is embedded in the Kaspersky Internet Security databases. You can manage the blocking of banners via the Kaspersky Internet Security interface or directly in the browser.

By default, banners are allowed on websites from the list of Kaspersky websites. This list is compiled by Kaspersky experts and includes Kaspersky websites and its partners' websites that host Kaspersky advertisements. You can view this list or disable the use of this list if you consider it necessary to block banners on the websites of Kaspersky and its partners.

Information about the operation of Anti-Banner is available in reports.

The following limitations apply to Anti-Banner:

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