Children's security

Kaspersky Safe Kids monitors your children's safety on the Internet and in daily life. You decide what is safe for your children: what websites they can visit, how far away from home they can walk, and how many hours they can spend using the computer or smartphone. The application ensures that your children follow the rules you have set.

Open Kaspersky Safe Kids from the Kaspersky Internet Security interface

Kaspersky Safe Kids is suitable for children of any age. When you specify the child's birth year in Kaspersky Safe Kids, the application automatically chooses settings appropriate for that age.

When your children surf the Internet, Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you:

When your children spend time on the computer, tablet or smartphone, Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you:

When you are not with your children, Kaspersky Safe Kids helps you:

Kaspersky Safe Kids can be installed on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

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