Create a trace file

Tracing is an effective way of recording detailed information about application activity. Technical Support specialists use trace files to troubleshoot issues.

Create a trace file

Important: We recommend that you enable tracing only if asked to do so by a Kaspersky Technical Support specialist.

Trace files may require a lot of disk space. When you no longer need trace files, disable tracing.

Disable tracing

Kaspersky Internet Security saves the following information in a trace file:

Trace files contain only the information necessary to fix defects in the application. Kaspersky uses trace files to investigate incidents associated with errors in the operation of Kaspersky Internet Security.

By default, the creation of trace files is disabled. You can enable generation of trace files in the application preferences.

Trace files can only be manually sent to Kaspersky. Kaspersky Internet Security does not send trace files to Kaspersky automatically.

You can choose how trace files are sent to Kaspersky.

Before sending trace files to Kaspersky, please review the data they contain.

Important: Trace files may contain personal or sensitive information. By sending trace files to Kaspersky, you agree to provide to Kaspersky all data contained in the trace files you send and you consent to the method used to send them.

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