Safe Money

Safe Money verifies the authenticity of known online payment systems and banking websites. The list of known online payment systems and banking websites is updated as a part of the application databases.

If you open a banking website whose certificate or web address is not trustworthy, Kaspersky Internet Security will display a message in your browser that the website is not safe to visit. If you have the Kaspersky Security extension installed, Kaspersky Internet Security also displays notifications informing whether the website can be trusted or not.

Enable/disable Safe Money

If you believe that some websites are not included in Safe Money protection or you want Safe Money protection on websites not included in the "payment systems and banking websites" category, you can add them to protection manually.

Add/remove a website of a bank, payment system, or online store to Safe Money protection manually

Important: Safe Money notifications are only available for browsers that have the Kaspersky Security extension installed.

If Kaspersky Internet Security cannot verify a website certificate

If you get a notification about a certificate verification problem on a website, it means the website you want to open does not pass the authentication check. We recommend not to visit this website. For detailed information about this issue and possible causes of the certificate verification problem, see the Technical Support website (Knowledge Base).

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