About Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager is a comprehensive solution for protecting your private information. You can use the solution to securely store and retrieve your private data, for example, passwords for websites and applications, bank card details, or textual notes.

Data that is stored in the Kaspersky Password Manager application on your devices is synchronized with the data that is stored in the encrypted cloud storage on a Kaspersky server. Kaspersky Password Manager automatically keeps the data up-to-date on all your devices and allows you to securely access the data from anywhere via My Kaspersky.

How Kaspersky Password Manager protects your private data

Your data is encrypted based on your main password. The main password is not stored anywhere on your devices or in the cloud storage. Only you know your main password. When you enter your main password, the data is decrypted. You will be asked to create a main password when you use Kaspersky Password Manager for the first time.

Kaspersky Password Manager encrypts data using symmetric encryption based on the AES algorithm (block size = 128, key size = 256, padding = PKCS7, mode = CBC). When working with the cloud storage on My Kaspersky, your data is not stored locally on your device but instead is available only while you are using My Kaspersky.

It is impossible to recover the main password. You can create a new cloud storage and protect it with a new main password. When you create a new cloud storage, all data stored in the current cloud storage is permanently deleted. However, if you have Kaspersky Password Manager installed on your devices, you can sync your local data vault on the device with your cloud storage and then create a backup of your local data vault. You will be able to restore your data from the backup when you remember your old main password.

This method of data storage keeps your personal information safe even if your device with Kaspersky Password Manager is ever lost or stolen.

Types of data that you can protect with Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager 8.x is not supported on My Kaspersky. Some types of entries created in newer versions of the application may be unavailable in previous versions. For detailed information on the types of entries supported in different application versions, please refer to Knowledge Base. You can always update your cloud storage to the latest version. The update is irreversible.

How to make sure you are using a strong main password

To take advantage of all the features of Kaspersky Password Manager, we recommend that you install the application on all your devices. You can find detailed information in the application Help at Kaspersky Online Help.

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