About limitations of the solution

Limitations of using Kaspersky Password Manager via My Kaspersky

The following functions of the application are not available on My Kaspersky:

To take advantage of all the features of Kaspersky Password Manager, install the application on all your devices. You can find detailed information in the application Help at Kaspersky Online Help.

Limitations of the free version

The free version of Kaspersky Password Manager has limitations on the number of entries that you can use. You can remove the limitations by purchasing the Premium version of the application.

If you have a registered but inactive subscription in your account that allows you to use the Premium version of Kaspersky Password Manager, you will be prompted to activate this subscription.

Limitations of the Premium version

When the subscription term for Kaspersky Password Manager Premium expires, you will be prompted to renew your subscription or to switch to the free version. If the number of stored entries exceeds the limitation of the free version, you will be prompted to select active entries before you switch to the free version. You will be able to edit the active entries, but the rest of the entries will be read-only.

If you have not installed Kaspersky Password Manager on any of your devices, all inactive entries will be permanently deleted from the cloud storage when you switch to the free version. You can close the migration wizard, install the application on your device, and sync the cloud storage with the local vault before you switch to the free version. This way, inactive entries will be kept on your device.

When using Kaspersky Password Manager Premium you can store up to 10,000 text entries and up to 3,000 images. If you need to store more information, you can contact Customer Service.

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