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To sync your data across devices, upgrade Kaspersky Password Manager to the premium version and manage your vault online, you need to connect to My Kaspersky by using a My Kaspersky account. If you have used another Kaspersky application, for example, Kaspersky Password Manager for another device or Kaspersky Security Cloud, you probably have a My Kaspersky account. Use it to sign in. If you don't have an account, create one.

As soon as you connect your device to My Kaspersky, data starts syncing across your devices that have Kaspersky Password Manager installed and are linked to the same My Kaspersky account.

If you connect to a My Kaspersky account that already has a cloud storage, Kaspersky Password Manager prompts you to merge data or replace data in the cloud storage with data from the device.

Sign in to My Kaspersky

If you want to connect to another My Kaspersky account, you need to sign out of My Kaspersky and sign in again with another account.

Before signing out, make sure that all of your data is synced to the cloud storage. When you sign out, Kaspersky Password Manager deletes all of your current data from the device. Without connecting the app to My Kaspersky, you can't use the premium version, sync data across devices, or access your data online.

Sign out of My Kaspersky in the app settings

Sign out of My Kaspersky on My Kaspersky

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